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- Dr.Jamine Therese Esguerra, Chiropractor

"Claire Morency is an amazing therapist. In my session, she stayed with me, was heartfelt, sincere, and powerful in her guidance. She allowed me to be fully present in my experience as we folded time and I was able to see my outcome fulfilled now. I was able to touch and be present with my unconscious blocks as they transformed into light. I am empowered to move through my steps with ease and clarity, my heart is at peace. I highly recommend Claire to everyone I know who's ready to live their conscious path."

- Janet Noel, MA Licensed Mental Health Counselor

"I have both witnessed and benefited from Claire's gift and ability to facilitate deep personal growth for those of us that choose to know more about ourselves. Her approach is authentic, loving and supportive as she assists you to a deeper awareness of self. My personal experience with Claire has brought about enormous positive shifts in my life that enable me to achieve my highest potential. Working with Claire is the best psychotherapy I have experienced!"

- David Meyer, Senior Financial Outcome Analyst

"My Bio-Optic session with Claire Morency lifted a non-verbal unconscious belief system I made as an infant that has been destructive my entire life. And I have been doing many different forms of work and spent a lot of money for over 40 years trying to change behaviors that this belief system was responsible for, not really knowing it was there, with little success at changing it. Claire assisted me to completely change the trajectory of my life for the good. And she did that with professionalism, skill, technique, determination to serve, compassion, and grace. I am so grateful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I highly recommend working with Claire Morency"

- Susette Hardy, Real Estate Investor

"I partook in Claire’s 3-day zoom introduction to” Reclaim your Body and Your Feminine Power Weight Loss Program”. In the last year or more, like many, I have developed some old, lazy habits in my diet.\ Claire reminded me and taught me some new techniques using hypnosis to assist me in conquering these new, yet old habits.\ I have known Claire for about 5 years, I met her in an Awareness Book Circle. I have seen what she is capable of accomplishing in her Personal and Professional Endeavors. Claire incorporated her hypnotherapy techniques reciting affirmations while going deep into trance was a very powerful tool she used to assist us in breaking these bad habits. We know it is not just physical. If you have some stubborn habits or belief systems not serving you well, I highly recommend Claire’s Hypnotherapy technique and knowledge in assisting you to release them.\ Gratitude"


Newly retired woman realizes,

“I don’t really know who I am any more.”

“Hypnotherapy taught me what my hold-backs were, and I really got clear as to who I truly am and now live free of my old beliefs. I’ve had a life style change that will serve me the rest of my life.”

High anxiety about life and severe shoulder pain, mid-50’s female.

“Within a couple of session I was free of anxiety, and I received tools to use if it returned. My arm pain is completely gone, using body language she helped my realize it had to do with personal things in my life. Conscious language has helped me be aware of the negative talk to myself. This helped me see and hear my self talk and now I have a healthier way of expressing my words in situations.”

Highly stressed having strenuous emotions and difficulty coping, fear of being let-go at work, young man in his mid-30s.

“Claire does a great job driving the conversation. She is always pushing me to really think about the root causes of my feelings, but she does so in a way that feels gracious and without pressure. I feel relieved and confident now, no matter what happens in my life. I know, I can handle it.”

High achieving young man in his mid 20’s, obsessively thought the world was going to end. He said, “Mentally, I know my symptoms are not real. Internally they make me feel weak.”

“I really cultivated my discernment and I’m learning to trust my inner knowing, not letting my head run away with crazy ideas. I know have power to take the reins of my mind. I’ve been making more time for myself and meditating. I am doing a lot better now.”

Male in his 60’s seeing unhealthy repeating patterns in relationships with women. Not feeling good enough and undeserving, then holding resentments.

“Claire kept me on track with her knowledge and ability about how my body (language) was expressing subconscious information and this was quite amazing. I gained valuable tools and insights to make the changes I wanted.”

Sleep deprivation, grinding & chipping teeth, need help managing stress, PTSD and anxiety. Women in her mid 50’s.

“I learned things I never knew about my family, including the name of my great grandpa, who appeared as my Guide while in trance. Blows my mind! After I left her office I messaged my aunt. I’m still blown away! Thank you, Claire!”

40 years after sighting a UFO, a man in his 60’s wanted to recall if anything else happened that night?

“I had no idea all (this) occurred that night. No wonder, I thought I knew what an alien looked like more accurately than the movies. And, I have a Physics degree. This (experience) goes against what I’ve been teaching for decades.”

Woman in her 50’s says, “I’m not the person I thought I would be or want to be.”

“I now realize the depth of my love and that I am lovely. I feel safe and secure sharing my love with my family. I feel healthier mentally and physically. I feel confident to explore new things.”

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