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get a free discovery call with Claire Morency, CHT

Achieve profound health and healing through the power of your amazing mind and  hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a gift you give yourself. Your results are peace of mind and your life on your path of joyful self-empowerment! 
Call today to begin your transformational journey!

What Can Hypnotherapy Do?

  • Increase Your Enthusiasm for Life

  • Build Confidence and Be on Purpose

  • Achieve Personal and Business Goals

  • Relax and Enjoy Sound Sleep at Night

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New Clients Start Here


Regain overall health and vitality, eliminate unwanted patterns, transform fears and phobias, and create a life of joy that is poised for your dreams and fulfillment.

Gut Health & IBS Support with Hypnotherapy

“The results, frankly, have been so astounding that I felt I owed it to you to follow-up as a potential option for others..."

Hugging a Pillow

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to bring about a natural state of heightened awareness. This internal attention is used to rewrite negative thought patterns and traumas. This elevates one's positive inner knowing, we all have inside, leading to healthy life habits and acknowledgement of our self worth and true value.

Hypnosis is an exceedingly effective therapy

It will help you achieve your goals. It’s the perfect way to make positive changes in your life without having to spend months or sometimes years working on them. You can finally relax and let go of all those negative thoughts holding you back from living the life you desire and deserve.

It’s a very natural state of being

Hypnosis is a state of mind where your conscious and subconscious minds are in harmony. It’s a place where your thoughts, feelings, memories, and beliefs come together to create something new. While in a hypnotic trance your subconscious mind can be accessed more easily, which means positive changes can happen much faster. This makes hypnotherapy an especially powerful modality for changing behaviors that no longer serve you and experience peace within yourself.

You deserve to expand into, and to express who you really are, and enjoy peace every day

We will focus on what’s really important so everything else falls away naturally and effortlessly. This allows you to create new confident behaviors which are healthy and support who you truly are inside.

Together we will create positive custom affirmations

To reprogram the negative thoughts about yourself or life experiences with  supportive thoughts, words, images and emotional patterns for your highest good. And when these new thoughts and behaviors become natural, they will be your foundation for a cascade of positive changes in your future!

Hypnotherapy Package Pricing

New clients book a minimum of 3 sessions, ensuring impactful shifts while providing a clear path to achieve their goals. 

Best Value

Three Session Hypnotherapy Package



Get a 3 Session Package: 3 x 90-min Hypnotherapy Sessions with Claire Morency

Valid for 2 months

90 Min Hypnotherapy Sessions

3 Sessions | Two Month

Best Value

Six Session Hypnotherapy Package



Save $60 on Six 90-min Hypnotherapy Sessions with Claire Morency

Valid for 3 months

90 min Hypnotherapy Sessions

6 Sessions | 2 Months

Best Value

Ten Session Hypnotherapy Package



Save $140 on Ten 90-min Hypnotherapy Sessions with Claire Morency

Valid for 6 months

90 min Hypnotherapy Sessions

10 Sessions | 3 Months

If you're a veteran, first responder, senior citizen or person under the age of 17 in WA, please ask about special discounts on my hypnotherapy services.

Give the Gift of  Hypnotherapy

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What's a Session Like?

Clients experience transformative results ranging from relief from stress and anxiousness to personal growth and development. If you're suffering from anxiousness, emotions related to pain or ready to achieve higher personal purpose in life or professional goals, hypnotherapy is a great fit for you. Claire blends her acute awareness of both conscious language and body language into every session.

Conscious Language

Conscious Language is a way of speaking with our Heart's awareness. When we have awareness we can see our language is woven in every thread of our reality, every word we speak is spelled, a-spell, thus carrying a vibration and creates matter, or manifests itself in our lives. When we realize, (seeing with real-eyes) every word shapes our reality, we become conscious of the power of our spoken word. With new heightened awareness, we slow down and listen to our thoughts and words. Much of our thoughts are running old conversations and beliefs. The awareness of our thoughts, and creating heart-felt speech, aligning with how we feel, is our true nature.  Our true nature speaks from our heart's.  By changing one word, we expand, contract or alter consciousness and reality. Speaking consciously aligns us to our divine conscious creation on earth. We ensure our expressions are in harmony with the direction of our intent, ethics and core values. This true intention champions a reality and reflects our highest ideals. This level of conscious speech transforms our interactions and experiences, making us powerfully active participants in the creation of our world. Recognizing (re-knowing) the power of our words, we intentionally shape an authentic and meaningful life for ourselves and all those we contact.

Sacred Body Language Translations

Sacred Body Language Translations involve meticulously observing and interpreting the movements and gestures of an individual to understand their underlying emotional and psychological states. Translating someone's movements during a dynamic interaction involves focusing on specific body parts that may indicate deeper issues. For example, if a single body location repeatedly catches attention, this is noted as static data. However, during facilitation, when the person begins to scratch, touch, or itch different areas, these actions signify a shift to a dynamic translation. Such movements are not random; they are indicators of subconscious attempts to communicate or process emotions. This process is rebooting a perfect pathway within the individual, revealing more accurate translations of their internal story as it unfolds. As someone moves, each gesture or touch is observed, allowing facilitators to decode the body’s language with precision, thereby gaining profound insights into their consciousness while compassionately supporting their healing journey to let-energy-flow again into their emotional and physical body.

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