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Find security and wealth with tangible assets of silver and gold purchased at cost and shipped directly to you.

Begin or continue building your silver and gold assets now - Read about the benefits of joining
At Cost Metals Affiliate Membership Club


Saving or building wealth with silver and gold is a strategic and secure investment, particularly in today’s uncertain economic landscape. Louisiana, Utah, Texas, Wyoming,Oklahoma, and Arkansas have started accepting silver as legal currency, enhancing its practical value. Additionally, many US states have eliminated taxes on silver and gold purchases, making it easier for individuals to invest and save dollar for dollar. Big world banks are acquiring gold at unprecedented rates, indicating a robust confidence and preparedness of its future and value.

Historically those, investing in precious metals over the past 5 to 50 years, silver and gold have consistently appreciated in value, often outperforming other asset classes. This long term growth trajectory provides security against inflation and economic instability.Unlike money held in a bank, which can be vulnerable to institutional failures and economic policies, possessing physical silver and gold offers tangible security and wealth, and immediate liquidity.

On the geopolitical front, the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and SouthAfrica) are increasingly influential in global trade. Saudi Arabia’s decision to trade oil in Chinese Yuan instead of the US dollar is a significant indicator of the instability of the US dollar. This transition emphasizes the need for diverse, stable investments like silver and gold, which is recognized globally. At Cost Metals is an affiliate membership association *like Costco and Amazon.


New Membership Options:

There are two options for membership length and benefits. If you'd like to subscribe and become a member, choose a plan and sign up using the button below.


  • 18-month membership

  • Receive 3 MS70 Silver Eagles, priced at $75 ea

  • Purchase as much precious metal AT COST as you choose

  • 24/7 availability

  • No minimums or maximums


  • 12-month membership

  • Purchase as much precious metal AT COST as you choose

  • 24/7 availability

  • No minimums or maximums

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