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Achieve profound health and healing through coaching with Claire Morency.

Find your path to optimal health and vitality by freeing yourself from mental, emotional, and spiritual suffering. We share new neuroscience technologies and ancient wisdom ways of living joyfully fulfilled and abundantly thriving. These methods are foundations for inner strength, living in joy and coping with life's daily challenges.

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What Can Coaching Do?

  • Quickly clear the decks of 'what's up' for you. 

  • Gain insight and see patterns and habits blocking your desires and goals. 

  • Propel on your heart's path with clarity and enthusiasm. 

A Deeply Transformative Experience

Coaching sessions are transformative, rooted in neuroscience and higher consciousness, and offer deep insights into your subconscious mind. Whether in personal or group settings, we interpret your physical movements to reveal hidden thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that block your goals. By mirroring these observations, we help bring these subconscious elements to into your awareness. The words you use creates neurological chemicals paired with the emotions, indicating where we are stuck.

Conscious language makes us more aware of the ways in which we speak, and ultimately aware of our own inner dialogue and its impact on our behavior and beliefs. We see and shift perspectives. Gaps between your current reality and desired states of reality become clear, leading to profound transformation. This holistic method transcends old realities. Step into the truth of who you are, empowering you to live lasting changes and achieve your true fulfillment.

Bio-optic Eye Reading

Bio-optic eye readings are a holographic window to the Soul. At the onset of your 1 hour eye reading session, a photo will be taken of each eye to view on screen. As we dive into the intricate connections between the pupil, iris, and sclera in both eyes, unveiling profound insights into one's thought processes, speaking patterns, and emotional proclivities. By studying these elements, we gain a deeper understanding of how these manifestations mirror underlying thoughts, words, and emotional patterns within our body and have out-pictured in our lives.  The beauty in our eyes is a rich tapestry of our emotions, our health, life experiences and life lessons. These are coded in every fiber, revealing our life purpose. Symbolizing the great quote, "Your greatest weakness shall be your greatest strength." Emphasizing the profound depth and significance of bio-optic eye readings in unraveling the mysteries of our deepest human experience. Through this profound, holistic approach, individuals can gain instant insights (inner sight) into themselves which elicit live-transformations. Empowering their return to daily life with crystal clarity and on purpose.-- You'll receive a map of your eye and written language of your life's trajectory to joy and fulfillment.


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What's a Session Like?

Clients experience transformative results ranging from relief from stress and anxiousness to personal growth and development. If you're suffering from anxiousness, emotions related to pain or ready to achieve higher personal or professional goals, a coaching session is a great fit for you. Claire blends her expert acute awareness of both conscious language and body language into every session.

Conscious Language

Conscious Language is a way of speaking with our Heart's awareness. When we have awareness we can see our language is woven in every thread of our reality, every word we speak is spelled, a-spell, thus carrying a vibration and creates matter, or manifests itself in our lives. When we realize, (seeing with real-eyes) every word shapes our reality, we become conscious of the power of our spoken word. With new heightened awareness, we slow down and listen to our thoughts and words. Much of our thoughts are running old conversations and beliefs. The awareness of our thoughts, and creating heart-felt speech, aligning with how we feel, is our true nature.  Our true nature speaks from our heart's.  By changing one word, we expand, contract or alter consciousness and reality. Speaking consciously aligns us to our divine conscious creation on earth. We ensure our expressions are in harmony with the direction of our intent, ethics and core values. This true intention champions a reality and reflects our highest ideals. This level of conscious speech transforms our interactions and experiences, making us powerfully active participants in the creation of our world. Recognizing (re-knowing) the power of our words, we intentionally shape an authentic and meaningful life for ourselves and all those we contact.

Sacred Body Language Translations

Sacred Body Language Translations involve meticulously observing and interpreting the movements and gestures of an individual to understand their underlying emotional and psychological states. Translating someone's movements during a dynamic interaction involves focusing on specific body parts that may indicate deeper issues. For example, if a single body location repeatedly catches attention, this is noted as static data. However, during facilitation, when the person begins to scratch, touch, or itch different areas, these actions signify a shift to a dynamic translation. Such movements are not random; they are indicators of subconscious attempts to communicate or process emotions. This process is rebooting a perfect pathway within the individual, revealing more accurate translations of their internal story as it unfolds. As someone moves, each gesture or touch is observed, allowing facilitators to decode the body’s language with precision, thereby gaining profound insights into their consciousness while compassionately supporting their healing journey to let-energy-flow again into their emotional and physical body.



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