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Get a FREE 20 min consultation with Clinical Hypnotherapist, Claire Morency, CHT. Serving Cle Elum, Easton, Roslyn, Ellensburg, Wentchee, Yakima, and all of Eastern Washington for over 30 years in the field of the mind, including hypnosis and specializing in conscious language and body language. Sessions are available coast to coast online, or in-person in Cle Elem, Wa.

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Offering In-Person or Online Sessions


Experience personal transformation
through the powers of your miraculous mind.

Life Coaching

Explore the landscape of your internal self, and  gain insights to heal and transform your life!

Claire Can Help:

Relieve the burden of  unwanted habits at the subconscious level, where the source of all problems reside- through the 'Gateways of the Mind'.

  • Mental alertness/focus

  • Heightened awareness

  • Clear thinking

  • Abundance building

  • Speaking your truth

  • Higher Self connection  

  • Purpose in life

  • PTSD

  • Past life regression

  • Suppressed memories

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Sleepless nights

  • Depression

  • Gut issues, IBS

  • Memories/nighmares

  • Pre and post surgery

  • Weight loss

  • Personal Suffering

  • Self Confidence

  • Trauma

  • Memory loss

  • Childhood pains and suffering

  • Unsolved mysteries/UFOs

  • Karma clearing

  • Internal dialogue/ruminating

  • Unhealthy habits & patterns

  • Health & vitality

  • Spiritual direction

  • Fears and phobias

Upcoming Workshop Series

  • Group Classes 4-week Course
    Group Classes 4-week Course
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, Sep 04
    Claire Morency
    Sep 04, 2024, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
    Claire Morency, 203 W Washington Ave, Roslyn, WA 98941, USA
    Reduce stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness, Gain emotional peace and confidence.

Success Stories

Newly retired woman realizes,

“I don’t really know who I am any more.”

“Hypnotherapy taught me what my hold-backs were, and I really got clear as to who I truly am and now live free of my old beliefs. I’ve had a life style change that will serve me the rest of my life.”

Meet Claire

Claire has more than 30 years experience and expertise helping hundreds of men and women of all ages in wellness and natural healing modalities. This includes Clinical Hypnotherapy, Clarity Coaching, Conscious Language, Body Language Translations, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Access Consciousness, BARS, Bio-optic Eye Reading, Body Electronics, Meta Body Electronics, Conscious Breathing, Yoga, and Therapeutic Yoga.

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