Gateways Ireland '14

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Gateways Ireland '14

Gateways Of The Mind Ireland '14

7th & 8th June

Griffith College Conference Centre, Dublin 8

Explorations Deep Into Consciousness. Lucid Dreaming, Shamanic Dreaming & Out Of Body Experiences.

Gateways Of The Mind took place in Dublin again this year on the 7th & 8th June. Over a hundred consciousness explorers gathered together with some of the world's finest lucid dream and out of body experience teachers for a weekend of immersion into the practices.

In addition this year, each of the presenters led a practical session, which included meditations, drum journeys and OBE methods! Plus, there was the Visionary Art Gallery featuring some of Ireland's and the UK's leading visionary artists and a sound healing bath after lunch - all designed to stimulate the senses, stimulate lucid dreaming and make Gateways an experience to remember!


William Buhlman
Author of Adventures Beyond the Body & The Secret of the Soul, Leading Expert On Out-Of-Body Experiences
Exploring The Multidimensional Nature Of The Universe Through Out Of Body Experiences
Practical session:
Live guided OBE method
Sandy Corcoran
Shamanic Counselor, Body-oriented psychotherapist and dream decoder.
Navigating the Andean Kawsay Pacha: Awakening Your Dreams
Practical session:
Harmonising Our Waking & Sleeping States.
Tim Freke
Philosopher & author of The Mystery Experience
Lucid Living
Practical session:
I AM...Lucid Connection
Martin Duffy
Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Shamanism Ireland
The Healing Potential of Non-ordinary States of Consciousness
Practical session:
A shamanic drum journey.
Charlie Morley
Gateways Compere & London's Finest Lucid Dreaming Teacher
Mindfulness Of Dream & Sleep: The Potential Of 24 Hour Awareness
Practical session:
Mindfulness Meditaton & The Columbo Method
Dr Rory MacSweeney
The Mutual Dream Experiment
2 Minute Trips Into Holistic Dreaming

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